Richmond Hill
About me

It is intriguing when you let me capture a moment of your life. In return I will give it back to you. Forever!

In my photography I have the freedom. The freedom of breaking the rules because of not knowing then all. I follow my inner judgment and instinct, and I put my soul into my images.

Camera has always been my fellow-traveler and record-keeper. Picture making satisfies my curiosity of the present moment, framing what has to be preserved forever or what others have missed while not paying attention.

When I bought my first DSLR camera, I was totally unprepared and caught by surprise by the pace and intensity of the events that followed. An existence-denied, smoldered artistry grain unleashed mighty power like an avalanche upon me. I began understanding differently the world I see and capture in my photography. It became fascinating to strip an image to its simplest elements and experience how a line or a shadow can provoke the imagination far beyond the eyes can see. And more importantly, the search for the story, emotions and feeling frozen in a frame.

The support of family, friends and peers encouraged me to pursue my dream to be a photographer. In a very short time I completed diploma program in photography and graphic design and successfully participated in variety of contests. Some of my assignments include fashion, models and portrait photography, dance and sports competitions, business and community events.

Whether the beauty of a ladybug or the significance of an event, photographs should make you slow down, take a breath and feel.

I know I have done my job when looking at my images your eyes light up.